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Breakthrough Martial Arts

At Breakthrough Martial Arts, we are proud to offer men, women, and children all across Rego Park the chance to challenge themselves, learn effective self-defense skills, and stay active like never before. Our martial arts training is designed to help people learn one step at a time, using our professional coaching and supportive environment to see long-lasting results in no time.

Kids Martial Arts Rego

Whether you're looking for total-body fitness training, traditional self-defense skills, or incredible character development in your child, we have the answer.

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Our son has been going here since 5 days after his 4th Birthday. Its now 3yrs...he loves it. Karate along with his amazing instructors has given him great confidence towards himself. His grades are always good and mostly his focus is working towards that Blackbelt. I am proud to say we are halfway there🥋. Thanks to all the instructions, each and everyone gives each child their ultimate best🥋👌

Gita Tamashar

If you have kids and if you have any love for them you MUST bring them here. Not only was there a free session but my daughter absolutely loves it here. It’s amazing knowing she has the confidence within her to defend herself at any moment and has the discipline and respect they teach here.

I’m so thankful for this Karate center!!!!

Kevin Gordillo

I love this school. The teachers are kind and professional. They go above and beyond to help the students learn and succeed! Two of my children are here and it’s the best decision I made for them.
Thank you breakthrough martial arts 🥋


I love kickboxing! My sister got me these classes for Christmas, and I've been hooked ever since. The entire workout is intense, but it's fun and there is constant encouragement from everyone. I feel so energetic after the workouts, it's been a complete change from my normal routine and I'd recommend it to anyone who is tryna burn calories, have fun, and kick some major butt all at the same time!!!! Bringing a friend is a major plus.

Kids Martial Arts Rego Park

Odolphe Augustin

My daughter has been with Breakthrough Martial arts for over a year and she looks forward to each class. The teachers are very friendly and have great rapport with the kids. They make the classes fun and yet challenge the kids enough to teach them focus, strength, respect and hard work.

With their new location now in Rego Park, the place is much bigger. We enjoy coming here every week.

Sarah Sharabi

I haven't had any workout as intense as the ones i got here. The instructors are great and kind. You will be motivated,pushed and meet other friendly people who will help encourage you. I have been seeing results very quickly and my stamina has only been increasing. The price of it is well worth the results you get in that amount of time. Highly recommend it.

Kids Martial Arts Rego Park

Radion Kolodyazhnyy

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